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Horsin Around Clinics

A little about the clinician. Theresa Denham has worked with a wide variety of horsemen/horsewomen over a period of over 35 years to develop a riding strategy that has been successful for many students in different disciplines. Theresa worked under Clare Bayman (Wiltshire Riding Academy England) Sally Swift, Susan Harris, Holly Johns (Lake Oswego Hunt Club), Brian Croft, Norm and Carmen Bryant (Bryant Ranch) to gain a powerful perspective on the mechanics of riding regardless of discipline.In addition, as an accredited member of the Association of Equine Appraisers, Theresa has developed a strict eye for excellence.
Now, Theresa is sharing her perspective on gaining a well balanced horse and rider which enhances gait, movement and confidence in both horse and rider.


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Our clinics are held rain or shine ~~ We have indoor fully enclosed facility ~~ Panel stalls available for clinic use ~~
How to, a clinic all about horses
for those who are considering getting into horses. This clinic covers comon pitfalls made by first time buyers and how to avoid them. It also includes how to find appropriate professional help, what "red flags" to look for in a training (lessons or trainer) situation.

Theresa, a certified Equine appraiser will share how to purchase a horse, things to look for in a trainer, boarding and instructional facility, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Included in this course are suggestions to protect you when you make a purchase on a horse.

New Horse Owner class

Clinic --Biomechanics of horse and rider

Instructor :Theresa Denham
Cost: $125.00 with horse. Two separate semi private ride times per clinic.

Theresa Denham, under ARICP has personally worked under Susan Harris and Sally Swift.  She also worked Clare Bayman (Wiltshire Riding Academy, Home of the British Olympic Team)  to gain a deeper understanding of biomechanics of riding. 

Finding and using your natural reflexes, your horses natural reflexes and how the center of balance can easily be achieved will gain self confidence for you and your horse. 

Theresa's years in the field have allowed Theresa to help riders to understand and achieve the "whys" of riding, not "just do because someone said to do it" attitude.  You will begin to see how your movement naturally works as part of the communication system to the horse  to gain more confidence in your horse  and creates a safer mount. This clinic has something for the beginner to the advanced rider and you will be matched to your skill level with riding partners for a non-intimidating, fun filled class. this is also a great way to meet other riders.

At the end of this clinic you will learn tools to:

  • motivate your horse to move in a forward fashion
  • collect your horse without the use of artificial aids
  • ride in unison with your horse, even if he is jumping around, spinning and shying.
  • understand what things affect your horses inability to accept your cues
  • how to bring your young horse along quietly
  • how to quietly use hands and legs while riding (and no I rarely address this directly, it will just come naturally when we reach the final point)

The format of this clinic is as follows:

  • Each participant will join us for the introductory period.
  • Ride times will be assigned. All participants are encouraged to stay and learn during each participants ride time, although you may choose to come back only for your ride time..
  • Post class discussion, Q and A
  • this is a must do class for those who wish to do any discipline of riding and build confidence.

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